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  • Leanne is a natural for decluttering, downsizing, and helping people through the arduous task of deciding what possessions to keep, let go and give away. She helped me with the difficult task of sorting through my mothers’ belongings after her death. We got this done quickly and efficiently. Without Leanne I still would not have faced this difficult project. If you are looking for value for your money, decluttering done properly and getting the job done and behind you, I recommend Leanne.

    Alison Pickard

  • We had to move my 84 year old Mom to a new nursing home in March 2018. Leanne did a fabulous job, she purged, she packed, she labeled, she inspected the new room, kept in touch with us with her helpful suggestions, seamless accomplished this monumental task for us. Worked with my Mom who can sometimes be a bit of a challenge when it comes to her belongings ‘the wig’. We are delighted with the outcome and Mom is successfully moved into her new location with all her treasured possessions, nothing broken, nothing missing and with great organization. Leanne you are the best thank you from my heart! I’m so glad you where available at such an important task for our family.

    Lisa Watson

  • Our problem was moving from a large home to a new home half the size. It is easy to learn to know and trust Leanne, no hesitations. We trust her, she is focused on the task, and she will listen. We trusted her with our stuff, with her work, timing, and the pay. Our experience with Leanne was only positive. I have no problem recommending Leanne for work like downsizing a household.

    H & S Ohrt

  • Leanne worked with my mother and helped her declutter several closets and her pantry. She was efficient and friendly and my mother was thrilled with the results!

    Tina Comi

  • I kept thinking I was going to get to the piles of stuff in my basement. Years of boxes that we’d moved from house to house – but I never did! I needed someone to help get me going and keep me on track while I sorted through our life’s history.
    Leanne was super efficient and thoughtful each step of the way. She allowed me to take time on some of the tougher decisions and offered ideas of how I could keep a piece of history without keeping everything! The best part – she took all the stuff out of my house!! I didn’t have to make any trips to the goodwill or the dump – she took care of everything. Once we got through the bulk of the stuff – I booked her to come back in 6 months to keep us on track!

    Heather Arnold

  • Leanne has an uncanny ability to breakdown an overwhelming job into manageable bite-sized pieces. I hired Leanne last year to help me go through all my clothes that no longer fit (and this was quite a few!). She was able to support me in letting go of what pieces I no longer felt good in and which ones to keep as pleasant memories. She even helped me in sorting them and deciding where to donate them. We held a clothing swap and I shared the clothes with my family members and friends. The joy I received in seeing their gratitude, was immense and deeply moving. Leanne is more than just one who organizes and de-clutters, she is able to hold space for the process of letting go. Because we all know that it’s never about the “stuff,” it’s much deeper than that.

    Vanessa Benlolo

  • I consider Leanne to be my “Decluttering Angel”. She magically appeared in my life exactly when I needed a guiding hand to help me pack & downsize my large home in Thornbury. I was in a completely overwhelmed & frozen state, not knowing where to begin. Leanne helped me focus on what needed to get done and created momentum. By having her support, I was able to be ready for Move Day. Leanne makes the experience pleasant with her calm, patient and compassionate personality. I consider her services to be invaluable and have hired her several times since to help when decluttering and moving a second time.

    Caron Gall

  • Leanne helped my mom with the monumental task of decluttering her kitchen. She was very sensitive, respectful and positive, and my mom felt comfortable having Leanne in her home. Since I live out of the country and was not there while the work was being done, having someone that I could trust was very important. Thanks again for a great job!

    C. von Torne

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